Joining ONL162

globe_appsI started this blog a year ago as part of my course work for my studies.  I am now reviving the blog for the course I am doing (ONL162), as I believe the concepts and work covered share common traits – albeit the work is broader in ONL162 as the blog was for one subject only when I first started this!

So here I start my journey again into the exploration of how technology can enable learning, where previously my fellow students were also from foreign countries I did get to at least meet them in a face-to-face environment at some point, now I will have no such opportunity.  So I guess this will make this journey that much more interesting…and perhaps a little bit more daunting at first, and ultimately far more reliant on technology to ensure the connectedness between myself and my group that I work with.  Therefore already technology seems to be determining some aspects of our relationships and requirements at the outset and we have not yet met.

This is most definitely going to be an interesting and challenging journey!


2 thoughts on “Joining ONL162

  1. Sonja…it is wonderful to be a witness to the journey that you have already traveled in the educational technology space and even more exciting to see you continue that journey on Open Networked Learning. The opportunity to develop collaborative literacies with like-minded academics across the globe using a problem-based learning approach to the tasks in each topic covered is sure to bring you many new insights that I know you will share more widely as always. Look forward to the engagement and your reflections here ahead.


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