ONL181 Starts with a Bitmoji & Zest!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu, n.d.).

The ONL181 SA Participants are the Best!

So the journey starts for ONL181 and the South African participants.  We started off with a great ‘bang’ by introducing ourselves on the WhatsApp group that was created as a support mechanism.  However, we had to use Bitmojis.  My Bitmoji, greeting this post here, shows me as I see myself in the online space (but in a fun quirky way) and this is why I chose this as an icebreaker for the SA participants.

It was great to see how the SA participants took to this, and found interesting ways to showcase themselves.  I think they really took to this idea, and really found great Bitmojis or alternative images.

And so we start this ONL journey, with yet again the same zest and spirit, which always amazes me.  I really look forward to engaging with everyone and seeing how this one turns out!


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