The Chaotic Web (Source: 123RF, 2015)

I am an educational technologist at a private higher education institute in South Africa.  I am currently studying (hopefully) toward a masters in the field.

This blog was originally for one of my courses that I was undertaking, but I have now revived it for some other courses that I am doing.  The latest course that I am participating in is ONL162.  ONL162 is an iteration of Open Networked Learning that was first offered in September 2014.  According to the website the philosophy and pedagogy of ONL is:

The ONL course design builds on open, collaborative and networked learning practices and explores how a problem-based learning format can be utilized in an online learning environment.

In developing ONL we are drawing on the ideas and pedagogical frameworks of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Networked learning. The key learning principles behind PBL that we try to put into play is to view learning as a constructive, collaborative, self-directed and contextual process (Dolmans et.al., 2005). As a part of the design, a model named FISh (see under ONL environment and activity) is used for individual and group inquiry (Nerantzi & Uhlin, 2012). We believe that using the emerging ideas on Networked learning can be a way forward to design for PBL online.

This is the third iteration that Varsity College and the IIE are participating in the ONL course, of which I am now a student of.  So it is exciting to see where this will lead me.

In future I hope to add to this blog some reflections of other courses, and hopefully give insight to others who may be interested in either the concepts and/or ideas that these courses offer.

I hope my reflections will have some value!


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